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Don’t Risk It! Avoid Drinking & Driving This Holiday Season

Holidays and Drunk Drivers

Unfortunately, holidays and drunk drivers are far too commonly related. With the holidays just around the corner, it becomes increasingly more important that we relay some basic safety tips to ensure that everyone’s holiday season is memorable for the right reasons. With so many reckless individuals drinking and driving during the holidays, many have to

Would I Benefit From Bundling My Home & Auto Insurance Policies?

Hemet Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

How convenient would it be to pay one insurance company each month for all of your insurance policies? Well, bundling your insurance policies is not only convenient, but it is also cost effective. Rather than allowing the insurance paperwork to cloud your desk, bundle your insurance policies! If you are not yet convinced, allow these

Three Car Technologies Lowering Premiums And Reducing Accidents

As new technology arrives on the auto manufacturing market each year, cars are progressively growing safer. This is reflected in lower accident rates and better deals on auto insurance for drivers who upgrade. Consider these three recent additions to the way you drive and how they work to protect your family: Better Braking Anti-lock brakes

California Drought and Auto Accidents

The California drought may be wreaking havoc on roads and tires, which may lead to auto accidents. As the ground becomes dry and brittle, the roads become covered with a buildup of dust and oil. Wind spreads this substance in arid conditions, leaving the road surface unstable which affects tires; in drought season many auto

Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe on the Road

When you are buying a car with your teen driver, chances are that your child is very concerned with how the car looks. However, as a parent, your primary concern is probably the safety of the vehicle. Thankfully, automakers have plenty of models of cars that will satisfy your child’s desire for a "cool ride"

Night Driving Tips to Remember

Night driving offers many potential dangers and hazards because the low light makes it difficult to see clearly. Follow these safe driving tips for driving at night to help you stay safe even when it’s dark. Use the Light Right Ensure your headlights are correctly aligned. Misaligned headlights not only make it harder for you

Stay Safe in the Rainy Weather and While Driving Through Mountains

Changes in driving conditions can have a cataclysmic effect on your defensive driving techniques.  We at Agape Brokers Insurance Agency are invested in your safety.  We would like to offer you these safe driving tips for driving in the rain or driving in the mountains (sometimes simultaneously). Allow for extra travel time if you expect