Stay Safe in the Rainy Weather and While Driving Through Mountains

Changes in driving conditions can have a cataclysmic effect on your defensive driving techniques.  We at Agape Brokers Insurance Agency are invested in your safety.  We would like to offer you these safe driving tips for driving in the rain or driving in the mountains (sometimes simultaneously).

Allow for extra travel time if you expect to encounter either of these conditions.  This way, you won’t feel rushed or stressed behind the wheel and you are more likely to make good decisions about your speed and your comfort level.

Drive in the center of your lane.  Many times, a driver new to mountainous terrain will be hesitant of the road’s edge.  Driving in the center of the road is not safe (what happens if you meet another driver?).  Stay in your lane and slow down if you feel you need to.

Remember that wet roads mean decreased traction.  Especially if you are going up or downhill, you may want to consider shifting into a lower gear.  This will give you more power and will help you stay on track.

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