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4 reasons for real estate agents to carry their own E&O policy

What can have the greatest negative impact on your current and future earnings? Commoditization of real estate? Commission decreases? Online competitors? Believe it or not, it’s being sued. That single event, even if properly insured, can threaten everything you worked so hard to build. Endless lawyer meetings and sleepless nights kill your efficiency. And that

Managing a Successful Workers Comp Claim

Workers’ compensation claims occur on a regular basis, but how the adjuster manages the case from the outset can often determine whether the employee returns to work or becomes a client of Dowe, Sueum and Howe. Consider the following case study and see how small but important decisions throughout the process created an outcome in

Threats in Your Business

Risk assessment is fundamental to developing a realistic, reliable business continuity plan in Hemet, CA. Companies that proactively consider which events are going to be a higher risk to them will, in turn, become aware and put in place prevention practices. This is particularly important to develop in smaller business which can potentially grow in

How To Choose The Right Business Insurance Policies

Business Insurance 101 One of the most important aspects of being a business owner is making sure that you have the right amount of coverage with the right insurance policies. Finding the right insurance policies can be much easier said than done. Finding the perfect insurance agent to work with can make the process much

Tips to Go Green At Your Business

Green Business Plan Going green is the best way to help the environment. It can also help you save thousands of dollars a year at your small business. Making small, environmentally friendly changes at your business can help to ensure that you are doing your part to help make the world a little greener while

Suffering From Workers Compensation Fraud?

Dealing With Workers Compensation Fraud Unfortunately, workers compensation fraud has become more and more common. Here at Agape Brokers Insurance Agency, we want your business to remain successful, so we have gathered some guiding points to help you keep an eye on employees who may be likely to commit workers compensation fraud. Abusers: These are employees

Slander and Libel Business Protection for Your Small Business

Owning a business comes with the risk of being sued, not matter how small your company is. One of the biggest lawsuit threats to all businesses, especially with the prevalence of computers in the workplace, is a defamation lawsuit. Having the right insurance policies is the best way to ensure that your business is protected