Don’t Risk It! Avoid Drinking & Driving This Holiday Season

Holidays and Drunk Drivers

Unfortunately, holidays and drunk drivers are far too commonly related. With the holidays just around the corner, it becomes increasingly more important that we relay some basic safety tips to ensure that everyone’s holiday season is memorable for the right reasons. With so many reckless individuals drinking and driving during the holidays, many have to remind themselves to partake in defensive driving during this time. Gathered are some important tips to avoid drinking and driving accidents this holiday season:

  • Whenever you plan to consume alcohol, it is important that you seek a designated driver. If you will be attending multiple holiday parties this season, you may want to consider a system where you and your friends switch off being the designated driver.
  • There are so many alterative options available to you that there is no good excuse for drinking and driving. With smartphone application taxi services such as Uber and Lyft, seeking a safe ride is now as simple as clicking a button. Likewise, taxis are more present during the holidays because they know how dangerous drinking and driving is.
  • If you will be throwing a party, make sure to offer food and non-alcoholic beverages. We recommend formulating a preventative strategy by requesting keys in exchange for alcoholic beverages at the bar of your party.
  • If you absolutely must drive, simply do not drink or limit yourself to one beverage. While you may think the fun will be worth it, no party is worth the nearly $15,000 you will end up spending if you get pulled over, or the guilt you will feel if you end up seriously injuring someone on the road.

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