Would I Benefit From Bundling My Home & Auto Insurance Policies?

Hemet Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

How convenient would it be to pay one insurance company each month for all of your insurance policies? Well, bundling your insurance policies is not only convenient, but it is also cost effective. Rather than allowing the insurance paperwork to cloud your desk, bundle your insurance policies! If you are not yet convinced, allow these persuasive points to help our argument:

  • When you bundle your insurance policies with one insurance carrier, you are confirming your loyalty and commitment to the company. Therefore, insurance companies will provide with an insurance discount ranging from 10% to 15%. In combination with other auto and homeowners insurance discounts that you obtain, this additional discount can make insurance that much more cost effective for you.
  • Rather than marking your calendar with the due dates of the premiums for your auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, motorcycle insurance, and umbrella insurance policies each month, you will only have to remember their annual renewal dates. You will no longer receive 4 different statements and bills each month for your insurance policies, rather, everything will be bundled so you will only have to finalize one transaction.
  • Many insurance holders fail to realize that bundling insurance policies can also provide them with additional protection. Your insurance agent will have access to all of your insurance policies, allowing them to identity areas lacking sufficient coverage quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the claims process will also be eased when you bundle. Your insurance agent will understand and be familiar with all aspects of your life, allowing them to better tend to your insurance needs.

Contact Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet for all of your California insurance needs. With experience providing California residents with insurance solutions for over 23 years, you can rest assured that we are the right place to bundle your homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies.

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