California Drought and Auto Accidents

The California drought may be wreaking havoc on roads and tires, which may lead to auto accidents. As the ground becomes dry and brittle, the roads become covered with a buildup of dust and oil. Wind spreads this substance in arid conditions, leaving the road surface unstable which affects tires; in drought season many auto accidents occur due to tire blowouts.

Tires are known to blow out during a drought season because of the extreme heat and dry weather; typical causes include weather cracks and air pressure.  In the heat, tires may crack which weakens the integrity of the tire(s). When driving on hot asphalt with cracked tires, air pressure is likely to expand inside the tire(s) until it explodes; causing the tire blowout.

During a California drought, it is important to check tire pressure and look for signs of cracking from the heat.  Old tires become more problematic than newer ones, but all tires are susceptible to the conditions of severe heat during a drought. Baking under a dry atmosphere, roads accumulate a buildup of dust and oil which impacts traction while driving and in combination with cracked tires and air pressure, tire blowouts become a common cause for auto accidents.

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