Night Driving Tips to Remember

Night driving offers many potential dangers and hazards because the low light makes it difficult to see clearly. Follow these safe driving tips for driving at night to help you stay safe even when it’s dark.

Use the Light Right

Ensure your headlights are correctly aligned. Misaligned headlights not only make it harder for you to see, they affect other motorists as well. Similarly, avoid staring at other motorists headlights while you drive to prevent yourself from becoming momentarily blinded.

Clean it Up

Dirty windows are difficult to see through. Keep your windows clean to maximize your vision. Avoid touching your windows with your fingers to prevent streaks and oily spots that obscure vision. Also, keep your headlights, tail lights and turn signals clean, so they are efficient and allow other drivers to see you.

Keep Alert

The dim light at night affects your depth perception and puts strain on your eyes. To help keep your eyes active and alert, scan the road instead of keeping them locked on one spot. If you are going on log rides at night, make sure to stop and stretch or even rest for the night to keep you alert and safe.

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