Three Car Technologies Lowering Premiums And Reducing Accidents

As new technology arrives on the auto manufacturing market each year, cars are progressively growing safer. This is reflected in lower accident rates and better deals on auto insurance for drivers who upgrade. Consider these three recent additions to the way you drive and how they work to protect your family:

Better Braking

Anti-lock brakes were a major improvement, but now assistive and pre-emptive braking is also available. Some cars use sensors to monitor traffic ahead and force the car to slow down, if you don’t do it yourself in time to avoid a rear end collision.

Collision Avoidance

Warnings, sensors, blind spot cameras and much more are all working together to help drivers avoid accidents. Tightening seatbelts and preparing airbags for deployment reduces injuries when a collision is absolutely unavoidable.

Driving Assistance

While some manufacturers are focusing on self-driving cars, others just integrate assistance into the driving process. Many models add extra power to braking and steering in emergencies to help you avoid a risky situation.

If you’ve invested in these technological features, call Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet, California to make sure your insurance can keep up.

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