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Road trip! 7 safe-driving tips for new graduates & summer road trips

Summer’s here and new drivers will be on the road to celebrate. Whether they’re graduating from high school or college, many new graduates will be on the roads this summer to celebrate their hard work. From parties to weekend getaways to road trips, young drivers will be on the road often this summer and need

3 Tips for Safe Fireworks Display

  Keep homes, friends and family members safe this Independence Day. Since America’s first anniversary in 1777, fireworks have been used to celebrate America’s independence. While Philadelphia was the first city to celebrate Independence Day with a fiery boom of fireworks and bonfires, nearly every town and city in America now hosts their own fireworks

Don’t Get Burned! Prepare Your Home If Faced With A Wildfire!

Hemet Wildfire Safety and Prevention

If you have lived in California for a considerable amount of time, you are probably aware of how prone our foliage is to wildfires! If your home is ever in danger of being damaged by a wildfire, you need to know how to prepare. Here are some tips for if you are ever faced with

Avoiding Identity Theft 101

Hemet Identity Theft

As our society grows increasingly reliant on technology, it is becoming easier and easier to steal someone’s identity. Along with basic information like your birth date, address, and name, identity thefts only need small bits of information to access your private accounts. However, it is not just technology that puts you at risk! Thieves can

Five Tips to Avoid Fire Hazards This Christmas

The holidays are a time of joy and peace. However, if you have a house fire, your family Christmas will be ruined. Remember these five safety tips this year as you deck the halls, to keep your family and your home safe from unnecessary fire hazards. 1. Examine extension cords and lights for damage. When