3 Tips for Safe Fireworks Display

4th of July


Keep homes, friends and family members safe this Independence Day.

Since America’s first anniversary in 1777, fireworks have been used to celebrate America’s independence. While Philadelphia was the first city to celebrate Independence Day with a fiery boom of fireworks and bonfires, nearly every town and city in America now hosts their own fireworks displays, which can cost anywhere from about $10,000 for small town displays and upwards of several million dollars for multi-day, corporate-sponsored celebrations.

In additions to big fireworks shows and celebratory extravaganzas, many families choose to celebrate with their own fireworks displays at home, usually with firecrackers and sparklers or other small fireworks. But although fireworks are used with the intention of joy and celebration, injuries, fires and home insurance claims can be consequences of lighting up the night on the Fourth of July.

By Hannah Bender, PropertyCasualty360.com


We at Agape Brokers are animal lovers so please don’t forget about your pets needs as well. Animals are afraid of the fireworks so please try to keep your pets indoor, even if your pet is used to being outside, the noise of fireworks can cause them to break free trying to find a safe place to hide. Make sure your animals have Pet ID tags & get them microchipped to help get them reunited with you if they do get lost. Turning on the Television or Radio to help drown out the loud noise outside will help keep your indoor pets calm as well.

We at Agape Brokers want to wish you, your family & 4 legged family a happy & safe 4th of July weekend. Our office will be closing at 3pm on Friday July 1st & will reopen on Tuesday July 5th at 9am.

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