Five Tips to Avoid Fire Hazards This Christmas

The holidays are a time of joy and peace. However, if you have a house fire, your family Christmas will be ruined. Remember these five safety tips this year as you deck the halls, to keep your family and your home safe from unnecessary fire hazards.

1. Examine extension cords and lights for damage.

When you are hanging lights outdoors at Christmas, you should first examine your extension cords for damage. You should also examine your strands of Christmas lights. If your cords or lights are cracked or damaged, you should replace them.

2. Watch the candles.

While lovely candles can add to the holiday atmosphere, they can also cause a fire very easily. Keep lit candles away from anything that could ignite, and never leave a candle unattended. Watch your children carefully, and keep matches and candles out of their reach.

3. Keep your live tree watered.

Live Christmas trees can dry out and ignite easily. Keep your real Christmas trees well watered so that your Christmas lights will not spark a fire.

4. Keep trees and decorations away from heat sources like fireplaces and space heaters.

Although a perfect family picture at the holidays includes a fireplace bracketed by a Christmas tree and other decorations, you should not set up your tree near the fireplace. It can get too hot and start a fire. Space heaters and radiators can also be heat sources that can ignite your tree. It only takes a single spark to cause a major house fire.

5. Choose LED lights.

Changing lights to LED lights will not only save you money on your electric bill, but they will also reduce your chances of a house fire. LED lights give off very little heat and are just as pretty as conventional light strands.

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