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Keeping Your Company Safe From Cyber Theft

Cyber Theft Prevention The best way to defend your small business against cyber criminals is taking the right preventative measures. Small businesses tend to be much more vulnerable to cyber attacks since they lack the funds needed to install the right safety features. To ensure that your business stays safe, keep these cyber theft prevention

How To Choose The Right Business Insurance Policies

Business Insurance 101 One of the most important aspects of being a business owner is making sure that you have the right amount of coverage with the right insurance policies. Finding the right insurance policies can be much easier said than done. Finding the perfect insurance agent to work with can make the process much

Classifying Independent Contractors

Worker’s Comp For Independent Contractors Worker’s compensation is meant to provide protection for your employees in case of an accident at work. While your company pays independent contractors, they are not considered employees, which means they are not protected by worker’s compensation. Knowing how to classify an independent contractor can help to ensure that you do not

Understanding the Importance of Contractors and Commercial Insurance

If you’re the owner of a business, you need to understand the importance of contractors and commercial insurance.  One incident at your place of your work or in a company-owned vehicle could lead to financial ruin without proper insurance coverage. There’s no denying that accidents happen.  No matter how careful you and your workers are,

Understand The Basics Of General Liability Insurance And The Dangers If You Don’t Have It

One of the most talked about commercial insurance policies every business owner should be aware of is general liability insurance. Yet what is it, exactly? Does your business really need it? And what would happen if you forego getting this type of insurance? What is General Liability Insurance? General liability insurance covers those accidents and

Consider These 3 Types Of Insurance Before Running A Business

When you open a new retail shop, gas station, pet shop or other type of business venture, you prepare the business by gathering your merchandise and setting prices. Yet one thing that always gets forgotten until it is too late is commercial insurance. Business owners need to protect their business from costly lawsuits and accidents

What Makes the Ideal Umbrella Policy?

If you’re considering an umbrella insurance policy to extend your other insurance policies, you’re likely making the right choice. An umbrella insurance policy is a versatile solution that often allows you to significantly extend your existing insurance policies in an affordable way. When looking at umbrella insurance, as with all policies, you want to look