Consider These 3 Types Of Insurance Before Running A Business

When you open a new retail shop, gas station, pet shop or other type of business venture, you prepare the business by gathering your merchandise and setting prices. Yet one thing that always gets forgotten until it is too late is commercial insurance. Business owners need to protect their business from costly lawsuits and accidents that might happen. Here are 3 important types of commercial insurance you should consider.

Home-based Insurance: When a person operates their business at home, they often believe their homeowners insurance will cover business losses. The reality is that homeowners insurance generally won’t cover accidents or losses even if the business is located in the home unless you add riders such as business property damage.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP): Business Owner’s Policies are packages of insurance coverage that provides all the basic protections you need such as liability insurance, property insurance and vehicle coverage. You can tailor the BOP based on the specific needs of your business.

Data Breach Policy: With more people opening Internet and eCommerce businesses, they are retaining important employee and customer information in an electronic format. Data breach policies help protect important data whether you store it on a computer database or in paper documents as your company is protected from losses.

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