Suffering From Workers Compensation Fraud?

Dealing With Workers Compensation Fraud

Unfortunately, workers compensation fraud has become more and more common. Here at Agape Brokers Insurance Agency, we want your business to remain successful, so we have gathered some guiding points to help you keep an eye on employees who may be likely to commit workers compensation fraud.


These are employees who were not injured at work but claim they were. People like these often file multiple fraudulent workers compensation claims as well as fraudulent automobile or general liability claims. Claims like these, which are overtly fraudulent, are small percentage wise but result in multiple payments over a long period of time that should not have been paid in the first place. They also take away benefits from employees who actually have been injured on the job and deserve the workers comp benefits.


These are the employees who are actually injured at work but work the system to gain more benefits than they actually need. They try to extend their benefits beyond the reasonable period, often by exaggerating their symptoms. These claims can also be very costly and can deflect payments from those who truly deserve them.

How does fraud affect other employees?

Employees who have actually been injured on the job and file legitimate claims with no original intent to commit fraud can get frustrated with the system. The possibility of fraudulent claims makes the workers comp process more difficult, and they may get discouraged and give up. This can create unhappy employees, which is never good for your business.

Contact the Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet for all of your California business insurance needs. Let us give you the protection that you deserve by getting you a great policy, today! Know how workers comp fraud could affect your company, and keep this useful information in mind!

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