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5 liability issues restaurant, bar and tavern owners need to watch out for

Running a bar takes more than having a good selection of liquor. Are your premises safe and do you have the right insurance coverages? From running the business, handling the purchasing and managing staff to attracting customers, a bar’s liability for an intoxicated patron isn’t always the first thing an owner considers. However, being too

Understand The Basics Of General Liability Insurance And The Dangers If You Don’t Have It

One of the most talked about commercial insurance policies every business owner should be aware of is general liability insurance. Yet what is it, exactly? Does your business really need it? And what would happen if you forego getting this type of insurance? What is General Liability Insurance? General liability insurance covers those accidents and

Does Being a Business Owner Mean Needing a General Liability Insurance Policy?

You knew that when you became a business owner that you needed insurance to cover any liabilities that might arise. To that extent, you took on a premises liability policy to protect yourself from a lawsuit, but it is not enough. A premises liability policy only protects you in the event of a mishap in