Does Being a Business Owner Mean Needing a General Liability Insurance Policy?

You knew that when you became a business owner that you needed insurance to cover any liabilities that might arise. To that extent, you took on a premises liability policy to protect yourself from a lawsuit, but it is not enough. A premises liability policy only protects you in the event of a mishap in your business. It does not protect you from certain types of lawsuits that go beyond someone being hurt in your store. You need a general liability policy to add to your existing business insurance to cover all the angles.

A general liability policy takes on lawsuits that arise from a number of situations. For example: one of your employees was on a jobsite performing a task on behalf of your business. Something goes wrong during the performance of the task, causing damage to the customer’s property in some shape or form. Instead of having to deal with a lawsuit from the customer, general liability insurance takes over. It handles the claim and settles with the customer as opposed to you trying to make good for the damage on your own. This is something that a standard business insurance policy does not cover under any circumstance, and why a general liability policy is necessary.

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