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4 Ways to Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims

How to reduce costs with targeted risk control By Randy Crawford Here are four tips on how to use targeted risk control to reduce your Workers’ Compensation claims costs. In today’s litigious environment, claims against industrial companies are inevitable, and off-the-shelf solutions to manage liability risks are too often inadequate. In the high-risk manufacturing sector,

5 liability issues restaurant, bar and tavern owners need to watch out for

Running a bar takes more than having a good selection of liquor. Are your premises safe and do you have the right insurance coverages? From running the business, handling the purchasing and managing staff to attracting customers, a bar’s liability for an intoxicated patron isn’t always the first thing an owner considers. However, being too

4 reasons for real estate agents to carry their own E&O policy

What can have the greatest negative impact on your current and future earnings? Commoditization of real estate? Commission decreases? Online competitors? Believe it or not, it’s being sued. That single event, even if properly insured, can threaten everything you worked so hard to build. Endless lawyer meetings and sleepless nights kill your efficiency. And that

Workers Compensation and Your Business

Hemet Workers Compensation Basics

If you own a business, you cannot afford to not know about workers compensation. Workers compensation will keep you covered as well as your employees. If one of your employees gets hurt on the job, workers compensation will resolve the issue and pay for the medical expenses of your employee. In short, workers compensation is

An Easier More Affordable Solution To Your Legal Problems

Agape Brokers Insurance Agency Writes for LegalShield

Accidents happen and when they do it can sometimes be difficult to afford and gain access to the legal advice you need at that moment. Agape Brokers Insurance Agency has paired up with LegalShield to give you a better and more affordable option for protection called the LegalShield Protection Plan. The LegalShield Plan is unique

Consider These 3 Types Of Insurance Before Running A Business

When you open a new retail shop, gas station, pet shop or other type of business venture, you prepare the business by gathering your merchandise and setting prices. Yet one thing that always gets forgotten until it is too late is commercial insurance. Business owners need to protect their business from costly lawsuits and accidents

Protect Your Employees with Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Business owners know it is their responsibility to protect all of their employees by having workers compensation insurance coverage. It is important to have a workers compensation plan to protect both you and your employees from any accidents, illnesses and injuries. An on-the-job injury or illness not only affects the employee involved, it can halt