Workers Compensation and Your Business

Hemet Workers Compensation Basics

If you own a business, you cannot afford to not know about workers compensation. Workers compensation will keep you covered as well as your employees. If one of your employees gets hurt on the job, workers compensation will resolve the issue and pay for the medical expenses of your employee. In short, workers compensation is a no blame way to take care of your employees in case of any work related accident and you absolutely need it for your business.

As a business with more than four employees you are legally required to compensate your employees for any medical bills due to an accident that has happened in the workplace. With workers compensation both acute and chronic injuries that happen at work are covered.

An acute injury is a physical injury like a deep cut or laceration that may need surgery. An example would be a construction worker falling on site and hurting his leg. An occupational injury can be as simple as a worker with pain in his fingers from typing too long. This pain can result in therapy, surgery, and even rehabilitation. Both of these fall under workers compensation.

Every state requires workers compensation, and many customers and businesses alike will not work with you if you do not have workers compensation. The cost depends upon your state and the classification of risk related to the type of job your workers are doing for you. For example if you own a construction company the workers compensation will most likely be pricier than that of a secretary. Regardless of the price, workers compensation is necessary to protect your business and employees.

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