The Benefits of Shopping at your Local Farmers’ Market

When you shop at your local farmers’ market you can be assured that you are getting farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing beats the freshness and quality of produce that comes straight from the farm to your kitchen. The Hemet, CA farmers’ market has several local farms that come to sell their freshly picked produce.

This is one of the biggest markets in the area. They are open on Saturdays year round and are located right next to the Hemet Public Library.

There are over 100 vendors at this farmers market and you won’t be disappointed with the selection of items you can purchase. In addition to local, certified produce, you can also find beauty products, home goods, crafts, clothing, jewelry, pet products and more. Food vendors include a wide array of items including nuts, popcorn, baked goods, herbal teas and specialty sauces and dips. There is also a food court serving foods you can enjoy while shopping at the market.

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