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4 reasons for real estate agents to carry their own E&O policy

What can have the greatest negative impact on your current and future earnings? Commoditization of real estate? Commission decreases? Online competitors? Believe it or not, it’s being sued. That single event, even if properly insured, can threaten everything you worked so hard to build. Endless lawyer meetings and sleepless nights kill your efficiency. And that

Don’t Let A Lawsuit Rain On Your Parade…Get Umbrella Insurance!

Hemet Umbrella Insurance

Most people don’t understand why someone would pay extra to have an umbrella insurance policy. Well, an umbrella policy could help you in more ways than you think! You don’t need to make over 6 figures a year to justify purchasing a policy. Imagine that you are involved in a fatal car crash, and your

Operation School Bell: A Great Cause

Hemet Operation School Bell

If you are looking for a charity that could use your help, look no further than Operation School Bell! This organization donates new clothes to young students to help them prepare for the new school year. Children in certain areas are living in poverty, and trying to outlive the statistics. Operation School Bell has been

Avoiding Identity Theft 101

Hemet Identity Theft

As our society grows increasingly reliant on technology, it is becoming easier and easier to steal someone’s identity. Along with basic information like your birth date, address, and name, identity thefts only need small bits of information to access your private accounts. However, it is not just technology that puts you at risk! Thieves can

1099’s, Workers’ Compensation & Independent Contractors

Hemet Workers Compensation and 1099s

While employers are not required to provide their employees who receive 1099 forms at year’s end with workers’ compensation insurance, it is important that as an employer, you understand how those independent contractors are classified under the IRS rules. Improper classification can lead to bothersome ramifications. It is not that contractors are trying to “trick”

Happy 4th of July from Agape Brokers Insurance Agency!

4th of July Hemet CA

How will you be spending the 4th of July with the ones you love this year? We have researched all the best local events to provide you with a list so you can choose an event that will make this holiday one to remember for the entire family! We have also included some basic 4th of July

Dog Liability 101

dog bite liability and Hemet homeowners insurance

We hear way too many stories on the news about a dog bite that causes injury or the loss of a life. These tragic stories are becoming increasingly more present due to many owners’ inability to properly train their pets. Do you understand the liabilities you take on as a pet owner? Owning a pet