Dog Liability 101

dog bite liability and Hemet homeowners insurance

We hear way too many stories on the news about a dog bite that causes injury or the loss of a life. These tragic stories are becoming increasingly more present due to many owners’ inability to properly train their pets. Do you understand the liabilities you take on as a pet owner?

Owning a pet puts you in a different level of potential risks than typical homeowners. As a pet owner, you become liable for their actions. Many people assume their dog’s actions and their own financial assets are protected under their homeowners’ insurance policy; however, many companies have begun excluding animal liability coverage from the standard homeowners’ insurance policy. This change in normalcy is due to common practices of maintaining and raising breeds that have aggressive tendencies.

Some insurance providers offer this coverage for an additional premium as long as the breed of the dog is not mentioned in the exclusion list. Insurance companies will not insure specific breeds or any mixture of the specific breeds. Many insurance companies will even prohibit you from having a homeowner’s insurance policy with the company if you have one of the said breeds. The specific excluded breeds include: Chow, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepard, and Akita. The Animal Liability Exclusion on your homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t only exclude coverage of dogs, but any pet you have in your household. The rules, regulations, and exclusions will vary depending on the expectations of your specific insurance company.

Before adopting a sweet new puppy at your local animal shelter, be sure to contact your insurance agent and see if your homeowners’ policy will exclude or include your new furry family member. The last thing you want is for your sweet little friend to put you in financial ruin after an accident.

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