Workplace Safety Tips

Workplace safety is extremely important, especially when attempting to reduce the potential for workers compensation and claims. Proper risk management is absolutely essential for those who want to reduce the possibility of workplace injury. Many offices and small businesses do not take the proper security steps because they falsely believe that injuries will only occur in larger companies or industrial companies.

  • Be cautious about asking employees to drive for work. While it may seem trivial to ask someone to pick up an office order, if they get into an accident it’s still a workplace injury.
  • Don’t ask employees to carry heavy things unless it is specifically part of their job description and they have had training. Even items as light as 20 pounds can cause injury.
  • Follow all OSHA safety standards. Not following these standards can be cause for a complaint or even a claim of negligence.
  • Regularly audit your company for any potential hazards. Any hazards that are brought up by employees should always be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Document all safety standards and make sure that regular training is held for new employees.

For more information about workplace safety and more tips about safety contact Agape Brokers Insurance.

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