What is D&O Insurance and How Does it Help my Business?

Directors and officers insurance, often known as D&O insurance is an absolute necessity for any business that intends to form a board of directors. Without the protection this type of insurance gives them, folks you ask to sit on the board will refuse because they are at risk.

Directors and officers insurance protects your board members and business officers from many claims that create liability. This business insurance often also pays for defense costs of legal proceedings, regulatory agency hearings and for allegations of improper acts regarding employment.

The protection bought with directors and officers insurance is to shield this class of business participants from liability claims from stockholders, employees, and customers. Without this protection, they could be held to be personally liable for these claims and have to pay compensation out of their own pocket. Large claims could mean financial ruin and the cost of defending against such claims is very high.

The Agape Brokers Insurance Agency serves California businesses throughout the state. For more information on business insurance, including Directors and Officers liability insurance, call them at 951-927-4695.

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