Agape Brokers Insurance Agency has Moved!

Agape Brokers Insurance Agency has been a part of the California landscape since 1937, becoming one of the best independent insurance agencies you can have. Since adopting the name “Agape Brokers” in 2007, they have strived to bring you the best coverage possible for the best price possible – and have succeeded. 

In order to accomplish more for their customers, they are moving to a new location. This exciting change will be completed by January 27th, 2014 and will enable them to be even more available to meet their customer’s needs. Whether you need auto insurance, a comprehensive homeowner’s policy or insurance for your business, Agape Brokers Insurance Agency can take care of it!

To contact them, either go by their new offices at 3750  E Florida Ave., Ste D in Hemet, CA, 92544, or give them a call at 951-929-7605. If you need to fax them, their new fax number is 951-929-7607. When it comes time to take care of all your insurance needs, Agape Brokers Insurance Agency  is ready to help and their new location means they can help even more!


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