How Are You Going To Honor A Veteran Today?

Thank a veteran for their dedication with one of these activities.

When most people think of the holiday season, they think of Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, there is another important holiday that takes place during the fall – Veterans Day. Veterans Day takes place on Wednesday, November 11th this year, and there are plenty of ways that you can honor the veterans in the local area. Keep these ways to celebrate Veterans Day in mind this holiday.

  • Say “thank you” – a simple thank you is very meaningful. If you see a veteran in uniform as you go about your day, simply thank them for their service. The few seconds it takes to thank a veteran for their sacrifice and courage can go a long way.
  • Head to a retirement home – many veterans live in retirement homes and would be very grateful for a visit. Spend some time with them and learn more about what they did when they were in the service or about their family. Many people in retirement homes struggle with loneliness, and your visit could put a smile on their face for weeks to come.
  • Write a letter –handwritten letters are almost a lost art form. There are many online sources, such as A Million Thanks that will connect you with a veteran. A letter can show a veteran that someone is thinking about them.
  • Do some chores – if you know a veteran in your local community, stop by and ask if they need help doing any chores. Raking up leaves or doing a household chore can help them out while allowing you to learn more about them.

All of us at Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet, California would like to encourage you to thank a veteran this Veterans Day.

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