Top 10 European Destinations

Thinking of a European getaway? has announced its list of the top ten cities to visit in Europe. Travelers looking to experience the splendor of Europe should do a little comparison shopping before booking flights, in order to experience everything Europe has to offer. Start with these destinations.

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1. Rome, Italy
Located in the central-western part of the country, the Italian capital is often referred to as the “birthplace of western civilization.” Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome is home to the Pope, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and the Vatican Museum.

2. Dublin, Ireland
Hugely popular with tourists across the world, visitors can take a stroll down the River Liffey, or sample the famous Irish craic whilst enjoying a pint of Guinness in Temple Bar. Don’t miss the statue of Molly Malone on Grafton Street or the Ha’penny Bridge over the Liffey, which remains Dublin’s most recognizable landmark.

3. Paris, France
Known best for its romance and iconic landmarks, the French capital is perhaps the most majestic city in the world. From the Eiffel Tower, to the Champs-Elysees and Sacre Coeur, the sights and sounds of this great city are simply endless.

4. London, England
With its pomp and pageantry, London has a place on any highlight list. Explore the countless museums and art galleries or take a short trip down The Mall and try to spot the Queen in Buckingham Palace.

5. Venice, Italy
A simply fascinating city with beauty and elegance to be found on every corner. Explore the many waterways and the Grand Canal before taking a walk over the famous Rialto Bridge and on to St. Mark’s Basilica, not forgetting to set aside some time for a world famous Gondola ride.

6. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is one of the most visited cities on the planet and it’s easy to understand why. A warm year-round climate combined with fantastic beaches, sensational sporting action and a rich cultural heritage make Barcelona a must-see city.

7. Amsterdam, Holland
Amsterdam is one of the most eye-catching and alluring cities in Europe. With a picturesque canal, an abundance of museums and a thriving nightlife, Amsterdam can cater to everyone’s tastes.

8. Prague, Czech Republic
The Czech Capital has seen immense changes throughout its history but has stood the test of time and is now one of Europe’s most flourishing cities. Not to be missed are the Old Town Square, Prague Castle and the Lennon Wall.

9. St. Petersburg, Russia
Previously known as Petrograd and then Leningrad, St. Petersburg is the most Western city in Russia. It may not be its nation’s capital city, but it is home to more than 200 museums, of which The Hermitage is one of the largest in the world.

10. Vienna, Austria
The Austrian capital is awash with cultural highlights and rich decadence. But with the stunning Alps just moments away and historical settlements to be discovered throughout, Austria has much to offer.


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