The New Year is a Great Time to Review your Policy

The New Year brings many resolutions and the opportunity to look back at the previous year. One of the items you should look back over is your insurance coverage. You may have experienced many changes over the last year and now is the time to review all of your policies.

Home, Auto and Life

Did you make any major home improvements last year? If so, you need to review your policy to make sure you are covered for any increased value in your home. If you purchased expensive jewelry, art or collectors’ items, these also need to be covered. The same need applies to any gifts you may receive.

Did you buy a new car or add a teenage driver? Take the time to go over what your auto policy covers and see if there are any gaps. Life insurance is one item many people do not think about often. Review your policy to take into account any increases in your income or beneficiary changes.

Agape Brokers Insurance Agency will be happy to assist all California residents with questions regarding their insurance coverage. We want you to have a successful new year with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered. Contact us today for all of your insurance needs.

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