Protecting Your Assets While Away At College

Renter’s Insurance For College Students

As the new school season gets underway, your schedule is most likely full of all kinds of tasks. However, if you are still unpacking your boxes in your new college apartment, finding the right insurance coverage should be at the top of your list of things to do. Investing in a renter’s insurance policy is the best way to make sure that all of your personal belongings are covered while away at school.

If you lived in a dorm room for your previous college years, you may assume you still have coverage for your assets from your parent’s homeowners insurance policy. However, a home insurance policy will only provide a limited amount of coverage, and it may not extend to your belongings if you are living in your own house or apartment, which is why a renter’s insurance policy is vital.

Even though your landlord will have an insurance policy for your home, it will only provide coverage for the exterior of the house or apartment, not for any of your belongings that you keep inside. If you are hit by any unfortunate situation, such as a fire or theft, your assets will be left uncovered without a renter’s insurance policy.

As you are just starting out on your own, you may not think that you have anything that you need to cover in your home. However, you probably do. Consider if your laptop was stolen or your flat screen TV was destroyed during a fire. Without a renter’s insurance policy, you will be left paying to replace these items out of your own pocket. With a renter’s insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will not have to dig deep into your savings to replace or repair anything that is broken or destroyed.

For all of your renter’s insurance needs for college students, contact Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet, California.

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