Liquor Liability Insurance Protects Restaurants from Problems That Arise From Serving Alcohol

Restaurants that serve alcohol on the premises open themselves up to the possibility of a liability claim from a drunk customer that gets into trouble. Someone who has gotten drunk on the premises is at a higher risk for becoming involved in an incident that causes injuries or property damage. Common sense dictates that the person who caused the damage should be the one to pay for it, but this typically is not the case. A lawsuit could hold the business liable for over-serving the customer who then went on to create havoc. This is why business insurance is so important to restaurants that serve liquor.

There are many violent scenarios that can arise after people get drunk. What all of them have in common is the fact that alcohol was served to them at a restaurant which in turn caused them to become involved in an accident or a fight. Someone who was injured or had their property damaged by said drunk can turn around and sue the restaurant for serving the offender alcohol. Don’t let a lawsuit destroy a business that took much effort to build — make sure to have a liquor liability policy in place to act as a barrier and protect your operation.

If you are in the Hemet area and are interested in an insurance policy for your business, contact Agape Brokers Insurance for a quote.

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