Is the jewelry in my home covered?

Insuring your jewelry is extremely important if your jewelry exceeds the coverage provided by your homeowners insurance policy. Most homeowners insurance policies will only insure individual items up to a specific amount, such as a cap of $20,000. Additionally, if you have many expensive items within your home they could exceed your overall coverage for your personal property.

The process of insuring a piece of jewelry isn’t difficult. You may wish to insure your engagement ring, pieces of art and antiques at the same time. You may need to get your items appraised if they were not purchased recently, such as items that were passed down from other family members.

You can usually either insure jewelry through additional policies or add extra coverage onto your homeowners insurance policy. Which is the most cost-effective solution will depend on your personal insurance situation. An insurance agent can help you make the decision and figure out the least expensive way you can insure all of the valuable items within your home.

For more information about insuring precious items within your home or adding additional coverage to your homeowners insurance policy contact the Agape Brokers Insurance Agency.

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