Insurance Quotes – Does Shopping For Insurance Affect Your Credit Score?

By Russell Longcore

 Expert Author Russell LongcoreInsurance quotes and insurance company underwriting have recently added a new factor for evaluating new customers. Now, insurers will check your credit scores. They have determined through statistical testing that people with good credit scores are better risks, and that undesirable credit scores are not good potential customers. Insurance companies and agents that see a person with a high credit score will consider you a low-risk client.

There are many consumers who worry that requesting new insurance quotes could have a negative affect on their credit scores. When agents or insurers pull up your credit report, it creates an “inquiry” on your credit history. Inquiries can sometimes lower your credit score by a few points.

So, does shopping for insurance quotes lower your credit score?

The answer is “NO.”

There are two types of credit inquiries:

“Hard Pulls” – this refers to credit inquiries for acquiring credit as from a lender, credit card company or a merchant credit card.

“Soft Pulls” – this refers to inquiries made that review your credit score. This is the kind of “pull” that an agent or insurance company will do during the quote process. Soft pulls are not noted on your credit report except listing the name of the entity that made the request. But the Soft Pull does not lower your credit score.

So, you may be confident that shopping for insurance quotes will not lower your credit score. And it is very important to know that a good or high credit score can lower your insurance rates when you shop for insurance quotes.

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