Why Insurance Premiums Increase

For an insurance policy holder it can seem rather arbitrary why insurance policies increase, but in fact very complex calculations go into insurance premiums and insurance companies never increase their premiums for no reason. Insurance companies attempt to keep their premiums as low as possible while still covering their costs. Inflation is one major reason for raising an insurance premium because the insured property has increased due to inflation as well, which means that it will cost more to replace in the event that it is damaged or lost.

Policy holders that are concerned about the potential effect on inflation on their property can put an inflation guard on policy premiums to ensure that their whole property is always insured even if the property increases. Without this guard, the property owner may find that the insurance company will only pay out the amount that the property was previously appraised at rather than the amount that it had increased due to inflation. This can be a significant difference if it has been a long time since the property was last appraised.

For more information about inflation and how it may raise insurance premiums contact Agape Brokers Insurance.

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