Safeguarding Your Investment With Restaurant Insurance

Hemet Restaurant Insurance

The job of a restaurant owner is not easy, we know. We understand that you want to focus your attention on more relevant matters such as the menu, clientele, and specials each week; however, there are a variety of insurance matters necessary for consideration. We want to take the burden of insurance off of your plate so that your attention can be better utilized elsewhere. Allow these informational points of guidance to assist in insuring your restaurant to the fullest:

  • Since natural disasters are inevitable, you must obtain property insurance. This form of insurance will provide your business’ structure and equipment with protection if a covered peril occurs.
  • All restaurant owners understand the liability risks of running this type of business. Obtaining a general liability insurance policy will protect you if someone falls and injures him or herself or gets sick from the food.
  • If you serve alcohol at your restaurant, it is imperative that you obtain liquor liability insurance. This will protect you from being held liable if someone decides to drive intoxicated after leaving your establishment.
  • As required by California law, you must obtain worker’s compensation coverage. This will provide you and your employees with protection in the event that someone is injured or becomes ill at work.
  • Since power outages are completely out of our control, we recommend obtaining food contamination insurance. This insurance policy will assist in replacing your inventory after a power outage.

Contact Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet for all of your California restaurant insurance needs. We understand the unique insurance needs of restaurant owners, which is why we are the right agents to trust in providing your restaurant with optimal protection. Allow us to provide you with the peace of mind you have been searching for all this time!

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