Going out of town? Make your home look occupied!

A vacant home is a home at risk of being robbed — at least if burglars know you aren’t there. Many would-be intruders do research ahead of a break-in to make sure they know what to expect, and vacant homes are particularly appealing because they won’t risk confrontation with the homeowners.

If you’re leaving your house for vacation or other travel, you need to know how to make your home look occupied. By doing so, you can deter break-ins and travel with greater peace of mind. Here are a few tips for traveling to keep your home safe.

Timed lights

Timed lighting is an easy way to make you look at home. By having the lights come on and off, burglars will be led to think that someone is in the house, and they’ll be less likely to attempt a break-in.

Stop newspaper delivery

Piles of newspapers in the driveway are a dead giveaway that no one’s home. Call your local newspaper and hold your newspaper delivery on the dates you plan to be gone, or have a friend come by and pick them up for you.

Keep social media in the dark

Social media is an easy way for criminals to find out who is out of town, and when. Use restraint and don’t post about vacations or other travel until you’ve returned home.

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