Contact Your Insurance Agent During Remodeling Projects To Adjust Your Coverage

Time to complete that home remodeling project to make your dream home a reality. One of the major projects you want to change is the kitchen, as you are having the old 1960s tile counter removed and placing in a nice granite countertop.

Before you pay off the workers and sit down for a nice home-cooked meal in your updated kitchen, you need to call your insurance agent. Because if something happens in your kitchen where your counter becomes damaged, you may not receive the expected compensation from the homeowners insurance policy.


When you took out the original homeowners insurance policy, your home’s value was based on the tile counter that was in the home. If you don’t let your insurance company know about the new granite counter, they cannot adjust the policy accordingly to include the remodeling changes. So they will pay you the cost to replace the tile counter they knew was in the home, not for the granite counter you just had recently installed.

So the moment you have any type of remodeling project done that increases the value of your home, let your insurance agent know so you can get the money you need when damages occur. For more information about remodeling and insurance policies in Hemet, California, please contact Agape Brokers Insurance Agency at 951-927-4695.

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