Are Those New Christmas Gifts Insured?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

So many people spend a great deal of time during the holidays searching for special Christmas gifts to make their loved ones smile. Of course, Christmas is also a great time to purchase a special piece of jewelry, a memorable gift that will last for many years to come.

But did you realize that insuring jewelry is an important step in protecting your valuables? Jewelry is covered as a part of your homeowners insurance policy; in writing the homeowner’s policy, all valuables inside the home are listed, including clothing, electronics and yes, valuable jewelry. Once your homeowner’s policy is in place, you should review the list annually and update the value of all scheduled items as soon as possible to assure that adequate coverage is in place for all the valuable items within your home.

At Agape Brokers Insurance Agency, we take time to assist you in securing a new homeowners insurance policy that provides your family the coverage you need. However, if you need to update your policy to allow for the value of those new Christmas gifts, our experienced professionals can provide you with an accurate analysis of your current needs and can assist you in revising the scheduled items and values listed on your current policy.

Agape Brokers has been assisting clients for nearly a quarter of a decade with various insurance products. Contact Agape Brokers right away to put their experience and professionalism to work for you today!

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