5 Steps to Preventing Fraud in the Workplace

Workers compensation fraud is a huge risk to one’s business. Many may feel as though their employees would never commit this type of crime; however, it happens more often than business owners are aware. To reduce the risk of your business, here are a few steps to take to help toward the prevention of workers compensation fraud:

  1. Ensure your employees understand what workers compensation is and the way it works. Ensure that there is zero tolerance when it comes to fraud.
  2. Make sure that before you hire any employee, you run a thorough background check.
  3. Install surveillance equipment to prevent fraud as well as most workplace crimes.
  4. Implement a safety program and ensure the safety of all employees is a priority. This reduces the risk of injuries.
  5. Identify indicators of potential fraud, such as foul play, accident story changes, no witnesses, etc.

For more information about preventing fraud in the workplace or to ensure your business is adequately protected with business insurance, contact Agape Broker’s Insurance Agency in Hemet, California, today. 

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