4 Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Disaster

Without warning, disaster can arrive at your place of business.  An emergency might come in the form of dangerous weather, a computer virus, or an intrusive criminal. When faced with a crisis of natural disaster, fire, or theft, business insurance can protect the property and equipment of small businesses. However, there are steps to take that will help protect your business before disaster strikes.

For safekeeping, vital business information and valuables should be secured within a safe. When a small or medium sized safe is not bolted down, it may be transported to a vehicle or another location in case of disaster. Safes are constructed of nearly indestructible materials to withstand damage from high winds, the intense heat of flames, and from water damage in a flood. Safes have proven to provide great protection of important papers, valuables, etc. To further increase the security of the safe and its surrounding area, it might be wise to install cameras in case of theft.

Hidden and obvious surveillance cameras may be installed with DVR capabilities.  These high-tech cameras can record and play back video which enables you to view all activities that occurred during your absence from the premises. In the instance that a body is detected, it would be wise to have already installed an alarm system so that guards and police officers would be alerted to an intruder.

Alarms can be installed to detect breaking glass, and an alarm will alert you if someone is gaining access to your home through a door or window. A smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide monitor should be sufficient as a warning system and should be located in every room, and on ever floor or level of a building. Technology has vulnerabilities, too, so after testing your alarm system, load your desktop and/or laptop computers with a reputable anti-virus program.

Computers may crash when a virus is inadvertently passed between computer users. Operating systems should be maintained and upgraded regularly to assure its optimum performance. To protect against malicious software, the best defense for your computer is a competent anti-virus program. This will protect you from outsiders scheming to download your files or harm your computer.

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