3 Tips To Prevent Pipes From Cracking And Leaking

Most California homeowners don’t worry about having cracked pipes or leaking pipes. Yet you never know when a cold snap will occur, sending the outside temperatures below freezing.

When this happens, the water can freeze in pipes causing them to crack and leak. Cracked and leaked pipes lead to costly repairs that can be avoided. Use the 3 tips below to protect your pipes and minimize damages.

1: Drain outdoor pipes and spigots. When water is left in the line, it can freeze faster outside. Turn off the indoor valve leading to outdoor spigots and turn on the spigot to drain the line. Do the same for outdoor garden hoses.

2: Insulate pipes and seal air leaks. Pipes that are in cold spaces such as basements, crawl spaces and attics with no insulation can freeze if not insulated correctly. You can also seal up cracks to prevent cold area from entering the home.

3: Inspect old pipes for damage. Even the slightest hairline crack can lead to a leak in the near future. By inspecting old pipes and fixing them, you can prevent major cracks and leaks that can ruin your home and possessions.

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