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Born from the successfully owned insurance brokers before it, Agape Brokers Insurance Agency has a long client history dating back over 23 years. Their attention to the client has earned them the reputation that propels their business today.

Agape provides a wide variety of coverage options to insurers across the state of California from home and auto, personal liability and umbrella, to an array of business and commercial coverage such as workers compensation, E&O (errors and omissions or professional liability), bonds for contractors, performance bonds and bid bonds, business owners policy, e.p.l.i.(employment practice liability insurance), directors and officers (D&O), general liability and more.

From Palm Springs to Santa Barbara, San Jose to Goleta, Inland Marine and more. Agape Brokers Insurance Agency has you covered.

Sheri Wigal is the manager of Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet, CA, and she and her colleague Becky Hicks are excited to bring you a new collection of online resources to help bring you timely updates and information about all things insurance, as well as local topical information to and from the communities they serve. As you get familiar with the site, we’d love to get your feedback. What types of questions might you have, or topics that you would like us to consider for future article publications?  You can use the comment box below to let us know, or leave us message on our new Facebook Business Page.

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