Valentine’s Day Gifts and Valuables (Scheduled Items)

Aside from the usual flowers and chocolates, jewelry is a popular Valentine’s Day gift. When it comes to insuring jewelry, it is wise to investigate all options.  A basic homeowners insurance policy typically has limitations on the amount of coverage provided, especially in the event of theft. Additional insurance coverage may be necessary if your jewelry piece(s) is expensive and full coverage is desired.

The two main forms of additional coverage are floaters (additional coverage to homeowners insurance) and broad blanket coverage. The first option is more expensive but effective. When purchasing additional coverage to the existing homeowners insurance policy, scheduling, or listing, your valuables individually is required.  With the lesser expensive broader blanket insurance coverage, it is not necessary to schedule items.

The advantage of the scheduled items, is that a list of your valuables such as fine art, jewelry, or collectibles, is documented in the event of theft or loss of any kind. In the case of fire, for example, an argument would be avoided with the insurance company in regards to what valuables you possessed at your place of residence at the time of loss. This list would provide legal confirmation of your possessions and would make recovery much simpler.

Valentine’s Day gifts are known for their luxurious attempts to warm the heart. Sometimes gifts come in simple cards, roses, or decadent candy. When gifts include costly jewelry, it is worth investing the time to obtain full insurance coverage.  When insuring jewelry, compiling a list of your scheduled items seems the best path, especially when items are especially extravagant.

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