Times When a Personal Umbrella Policy Would Come in Handy

You buy insurance so that in the event of accidental damage or disaster, you know that you’re in the right hands. But do you know if your policy is adequate? If you do not prepare, you may discover too late that you really need the extra coverage. In that case, a personal umbrella policy is the right choice.

A personal umbrella policy helps to protect you from liability beyond your regular insurance coverage. For example, the Southern California freeways may be risky, especially at peak times. If you are at fault in a car accident and the other driver is seriously injured, your liability insurance may not cover all their medical bills plus their loss of income. That’s where an umbrella policy comes into play, providing for the shortfall between the judgment and your regular auto insurance policy. Other instances where you need a personal umbrella policy may include your small, unincorporated small business, or if your home has a lot of traffic besides its residents.

Knowing what kind of policies you need and whether extra coverage is useful can be difficult. In Hemet, California, contact Agape Brokers Insurance Agency for more information.

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