Stop Risky Behaviors And Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud!

The United States has had the third highest credit card fraud rate over the last five years, with 41% of Americans having faced credit or debit card fraud. Part of the reason is that we participate in risky behavior when it comes to our data. Here are some of the risky behaviors that you may participate in and ways that you can avoid being one of the 41% who experience credit card fraud.

  • Leaving your smartphone unlocked when not in use: 11% of Americans leave their smartphones unlocked when they are not using them. This puts the information stored on your phone at risk. Simply putting a lock on your smartphone can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your information.
  • Throwing away papers with bank information: 13% of Americans toss out documents with account numbers. Any paperwork with personal information on it should be shredded before you throw it out. Not doing so can be extremely risky because it allows access to your account information or other personal information that could be used against you.
  • Using a public computer for banking or online shopping: 7% of people shop or bank from public computers. Using your own computer is always safer for banking and shopping purposes, because you know the history of the computer and the security it has, which keeps your sensitive information safer.
  • Carrying a note with a PIN on it: It can be tricky to remember all of your passwords or pins, and it can be super easy to write it on a piece of paper to help you remember it. This is extremely dangerous, because if that paper falls into the wrong hands, your information is greatly compromised. 6% of Americans carry around papers with their pins or passwords on it. Picking something you will remember can be a good way to avoid this dangerous habit.

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