Having Your Insurance at Your Fingertips

Many insurance carriers today are offering the convenience and mobility of smartphone apps for insurance needs. This can be extremely useful for many people who need insurance help while they are on the go. Virtually every major insurance company now supports at least a basic form of mobile application but some of these mobile applications have many additional uses other than purely support.

Certain mobile insurance application allows those who get into a car accident to claim through the mobile application and even attach pictures of the damage so that it can be assessed. This is very important for those who get into accidents that are later disputed. SafeCo provides a similar application for both homes and automobiles that allows a homeowner to file a complete claim with their mobile device, including pictures. Many mobile applications allow users to change their policies on their mobile device, make payments on their policies and immediately contact customer support regarding any questions that they might have. These devices can also show electronic proof of insurance.

For more information about how smartphone apps can help you with your insurance needs contact Agape Brokers Insurance.

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