Will Your Home Insurance Cover Mold?

Water Damage and Mold

Dealing with water damage in your home can be one of the most stressful and confusing home insurance claims that you have to face. Along with the physical damage that was caused by the water, you may also have to deal with mold and mildew. Even if you think that you have fixed the issue, mold problems can show up months later. Knowing how to deal with mold in your house after any water damage will help to keep you and your family safe.

In most cases, mold in your home is the result of an incident that is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, such as a burst pipe. Keep in mind that if a pipe bursts in your home due to a lack of maintenance, none of the damage will be covered. If the mold is covered under your home insurance policy, there will most likely be a cap on the amount of coverage that will be provided. If you live in an older house, or an area that has a lot of humidity, you should consider adding an endorsement onto your policy to provide additional coverage.

The best way to ensure that you never have to make a claim to your homeowners insurance for mold is to properly maintain your house. Keep receipts for any preventative measures that you have taken. Not only will it help you prove that you have been taking care of your house if you have to make a claim, but they may also help you qualify for a discount.

For all of your homeowner’s insurance needs and to ensure that you are covered from any water damage claims, contact the insurance professionals at Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet, California. As an independent insurance company, we will work with you to ensure that you have the right amount of protection, all at the right price.

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