Help Your Landscape Deter Burglars With These Changes

You might dream of landscape improvements to raise your home’s value or make it the envy of the neighbors. However, your changes could also keep burglars and other intruders at bay. Try these strategic changes to improve home security from the outside in.

Visibility Wins

High trees and dense hedges block out the view of the neighbors, but they also give burglars plenty of places to hide. Keep plants low and scatter mature trees so you can spot people moving across the yard.

Natural Deterrents

Some plants are naturally less welcoming than others. Would you want to climb through a prickly holly hedge or a spiny Osage orange bush to reach a window? Consider surrounding exterior openings with plants that sport their own defense systems.

More Lighting

Mount some motion-activated lights across the exterior of the house, or stick with solar powered landscaping lights, to brighten up without spending too much on electricity. You will get an immediate visual warning of movement when the yard illuminates in the middle of the night.

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