Good Spa Manners Can Help Everyone Relax

By A Aaronson

Just the word “spa” can make some people start to breathe easier. These facilities are designed to be relaxation destinations. The individuals who work there are trained to pamper their clients so that they look, feel, smell, and truly are better after treatments. Some examples of services available include massages, pedicures, manicures, hair styling, facials, mud wraps, and some facilities even have plastic surgeons and dermatologists on staff. Those that have medical personnel are called med-spas. Before booking a day of treatments, it’s helpful to know the rules of etiquette.

Before Your Treatments

Before arriving at the spa, you’ll need to make a reservation. It’s important to call ahead to schedule rather than to just drop in. If something comes up and you’re unable to keep your appointment, be sure you give your technicians plenty of notice. At least 24 hours is often required without having to pay a service charge. This is only fair, as they have reserved the time for you, saying “no” to other clients along the way. If you have medical conditions, be sure to let the reservationist know about this when you’re scheduling. If you prefer a specific gender for your technician, let the front desk know as you’re booking your appointment. Some clients prefer male masseuses and cosmetologists while others prefer females.

During Your Visit

On the day of your appointment, arrive on time or even a bit early. This is polite to the staff, other clients, and yourself. You don’t want to arrive at your relaxation destination stressed to the max about your tardiness. It’s a good idea to leave your diamond rings and ruby earrings at home so you won’t have to worry about losing them. If you’re having a mud wrap or a massage, you can be nude or clothed according to your preferences. If you opt for nudity, masseuses are trained to keep you covered with sheets to preserve your privacy. Be ready to communicate clearly to your stylist, manicurist, or masseuse. If you only want a slight hair trim, be assertive. If you want a French manicure, speak up about it. If you don’t want those little flowers painted on your toenails, just say “no!” If you like firm pressure during a massage, tell your masseuse. Some no-nos during a spa visit include smoking and eating. Everyone there wants to be pampered luxuriously; smelling cigarette smoke or French fries is a big turnoff. Another negative is bringing your children. Who can relax with their own or someone else’s kids running around? The same goes for dogs, no matter how cute your Chihuahua is tucked into her jeweled puppy carrier.

After Your Appointment

Tips are expected for stylists, manicurists, aestheticians who perform facials, and masseuses. Twenty percent for excellent service is commonplace. If you’ve been going to a technician for months, you should add something extra around holidays. Remember, this is a person who has improved your quality of life.

Going to the spa can be a wondrous experience if everyone has good manners. Do your part and adhere to proper etiquette so you and everyone else can relax. The other clients and the staff will be glad you did.

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