Natural Tips To Deal With Spring Allergies

Natural Allergy Remedies

Spring brings beautiful blooming flowers and warmer temperatures. It also brings spring allergies that can keep you locked inside. If you are reaching for the tissue box all day long, keep these natural allergy tips in mind to help you fully enjoy the season.

  • Neti pots – while neti pots may look more like a cooking tool, it will actually help to clear out your nasal cavity. Simply fill the pot with warm water and a saline solution and pour into one nostril with your head tipped. The mixture will flush any allergens out of your nasal cavity to help you breathe better.
  • Saline spray – much like neti pots, premixed saline sprays will clear out any allergens from your nasal cavity. The smaller top will deliver the solution a little more evenly and gently.
  • Local honey – adding some honey that is produced by bees in your local area will help to relieve your allergy symptoms. Since bees transfer pollen to the honey that they make, adding a little bit of honey to your daily diet will help to protect you against the irritating effects of pollen.
  • HEPA filers – while you are using your air conditioning more and more throughout the spring, having a clogged filter will push more allergens into your home. Swap out your old filter for a HEPA filter, which helps to better purify the air.
  • Showering – a hot shower can help to ease your sinuses and clear out your nasal passages. It will also help to clean off any pollen that got stuck to your skin throughout the day. Always take a shower before bed to ensure that you do not bring the allergens with you.

All of us at Agape Brokers Insurance Agency in Hemet, California would like to wish you and your family a fun-filled and healthy spring season!

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